Loni Love says “Love Him or Leave Him”



Loni Love is best known for keeping viewers in stitches on “Chelsea Lately.” But fans can see her up close this weekend when she performs at the Improv in Schaumburg.
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Sinbad finds new comedic road in ‘funkedy’



Sinbad didn’t begin his career as a clean comic but one night while performing he decided to try something different.

“Everybody was being so dirty,” Sinbad said of the other comedians performing that night. “Everybody was sounding the same and trying to be super hip. So I just switched it up and found that I was able to talk about more things clean,” said Sinbad, who has been performing since 1983. “I could still talk about sex, drugs, or anything. I just changed the words that I used.”
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Bill Bellamy has a ‘Ladies Night Out’


Bill Bellamy lucked out.
He credits his success from being in the “right place at the right time” while studying economics at Rutgers University. The former “Last Comic Standing” host began performing standup comedyon the side, and it wasn’t long before he caught the eye of Russell Simmons. The media mogul paved the way for his appearance in HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam,” where he’s credited with coining the now ubitiquous phrase “booty call.”
Now, nearly two decades after getting his start in the business and having success in television and film, Bellamy continues to perform standup comedy. His “Ladies Night Out” comedy tour stops this weekend at the Improv in Schaumburg.
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Carlos Mencia is ‘Laughin’ and Livin’

Eight years ago, Carlos Mencia leaped into homes across the country with his comedy television series, “Mind of Mencia.” Now, five years after the show’s end, Mencia continues to reach fans through his comedy performances and broadcasting his podcast, “Laughin’ and Livin’.”
Mencia performs a second night Saturday at the UP Comedy Club.
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Cedric the Entertainer discusses his comedy roots

Cedric the Entertainer is no stranger to Chicago.
He came up through the ranks here in the ’90s performing at the famed All Jokes Aside comedy club in the South Loop — with the late Bernie Mac, Adele Givens and George Wilborn.
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Charlie Murphy steps outside his brother’s shadow

Comedian Charlie Murphy has taken a winding road to stardom. He is a successful screenwriter, with movies such as “Norbit” and “Vampire in Brooklyn,” which he co-wrote with younger brother, Eddie, who also played the lead role, under his belt.
But it wasn’t until his breakout performance on the Comedy Central sketch comedy series, “The Chappelle Show,” detailing his adventures with singers such as Rick James and Prince, that he became known as more than Eddie Murphy’s older brother.
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