‘Ashy Larry’ explains the ‘Guy Code’

Fans may know him best as ‘Ashy Larry’ from Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show” but Donnell Rawlings continues to rock the stage.
He will appear this weekend at the UP Comedy Club in the Old Town neighborhood and he also stars in the MTV2’s series “Guy Code,” where he explains the proper way for a man to eat a banana in public.

What can fans expect at your comedy show?
They can expect me to tell two jokes and break out into an impromptu strip show.  If my jokes don’t work, I get naked.  If I get a laugh from being nude or telling jokes, as long as the people are happy.
How did you become involved with the Chapelle’s Show?
I was good friends with the show’s executive producer and co-writer Neal Brennan.  I did a project with Neal before and he brought me aboard with Dave’s approval.
What are your best memories of the show?
Being on the set had a family vibe.  Everybody felt like they had a part in doing something special.  There weren’t people who wanted to be stars.  It was just people who wanted to win. That is what made the show successful.
How did you get started in comedy?
A comedy club owner didn’t want me to talk so much trash to his comedians.  He challenged me to go onstage and that is how I started.
What’s next for you?
I am working on the MTV2 show, “Guy Code.”  It’s a male-oriented show where the rules of being a guy are explained. One rule is that a man should never eat a banana in public without breaking it into five pieces.