Kanye feeds the homeless


According to Kanye West’s blog, the rapper helped feed the homeless during the holiday season.  Here’s what Kanye posted along with this pic of himself:

The day after Christmas, Amber, my cousin Ricky, and I went to feed the homeless at the LA Mission.  It was really humbling and emotional for us.  I wanna thank Mari Ronquillo and the LA Mission for allowing me to participate.

2 thoughts on “Kanye feeds the homeless

  1. It’s great for celebs to humble themselves sometimes. I am glad to see him giving back to the community. I see his bald headed girlfriend right besides him. (Man I didn’t think that this would last, but here we are……) With all his people though, only he and his girl and cousin could take time out their busy schedule. Still happy Kanye did this.

  2. Ok, just one more thing. Now Kanye, did we really need the sunglasses in side??????????????????????????

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