Nas says it’s hell trying to see his son

In a Vibe interview, Nas said “it’s hell” trying to see his son Knight, whose mother is singer Kelis.  See what the rapper has to say about the domestic issue below.

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Montel Williams’ kids reach out to him

Even though talk show host Montel Williams, 53, pays $18,700 a month in child support, his two teenage kids feel deprived of montelwilliamshis emotional  support, reports the New York Daily News.  Montel, 16, and daughter Wyntergrace, 14, would like their father to be more involved in their lives let their mother make all the decisions.

“I wouldn’t say I really have a relationship with my dad,” the younger Montel said. “He’s not in my life right now. It’s his choice.”
“My dad is now like a stranger,” his daughter said adding that she’s seen her father four times in five years.  “Everyone knows him as a great guy, but he’s not making the best choices as a parent.”
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