Divorce finalized for Nas and Kelis / Damian Marley and Nas perform

It’s official.  After five years of marriage, Nas and Kelis are now divorced.  According to TMZ, the marriage ended last Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.  Currently, Nas was ordered to pay $10,000 monthly in child and spousal support.  The two are expected back in court for child and spousal support claims.
Check out Nas and Damian Marley performing their new single “As We Enter” Tuesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the jump. The two are touring to promote their joint album, “Distant Relatives.”
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Hear new single from Nas and Damien Marley’s new album

There is a new single from Distant Relatives, the joint album from Nas and Damien Marley, which is expected April 20.  The single, “Strong Will Continue” features production from Stephen Marley.  Nas tweeted Wednesday about his excitement for the upcoming album.

Listening to the album with some friends. Distant Relatives is almost ready for ya’ll!!! Its powerful music people LETS GO!!


Nas and Damian Marley record new album together

Nas is recording an album with reggae star Damien Marley, which will be released in the spring, reports Billboard. 

“We’ve been recording in a studio, where people like Mick Jagger are recording. No one knew who we were,” said Anthony Saleh, Nas’ manager of the duo’s collaborations in Los Angeles. “We’re going to Miami this week to finish it up and we’re aiming to tour for the album this summer.”

A portion of the album’s proceeds will go toward building a school in Africa.