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Even Singer Anita Baker is a Fan of Comedian Kevonstage

It all started when Kevin Fredericks, known as Kevonstage, got off stage during The Real Comedians of Social Media tour and saw his brother eating Fritos corn chips instead of any of the other chips in the Frito-Lay variety pack.

“I was like, ‘Are you crazy? Fritos is not the best,’” Fredericks told his brother. Soon comedians Tony Baker, Tahir Moore and DoBoy, also on the tour, chimed in on their favorites while making a video about the discussion.

“It went viral,” Fredericks said. “I never thought a video about chips would reach so many people.”

Viral Sensation

Celebrities such as Chris Evans from the “Captain America” movie, Don Cheadle and Octavia Spencer voiced their favorites on social media. The video also grabbed national media attention with even the “Today Show” hosts having their own taste test of the salty snacks.

Fans can catch Fredericks and the guys in action during the tour, which is the brainchild of Fredericks, who decided to create his own tour instead of splitting the revenue with a promoter. This is the second tour of the Real Comedians of Social Media, which has grown to more than 80 shows in 75 cities from its initial tour of about 50 shows.

“The entire show is clean,” Fredericks said. “Although the other comedians are not clean in their own lives. People see that and think that they’re not funny. I want to make people realize that you don’t have to cuss to be funny.”

Comedy Career Started in Church

Fredericks has always performed clean comedy since he began his standup comedy career at the age of 15.

“Like most R&B singers, I got my start in the church,” Fredericks said. “I grew up in church. We weren’t allowed to curse. I didn’t do it when my parents weren’t around because I didn’t want to slip up around them. My first shows were in church and college and you couldn’t curse. I’m being who I am. I want to be my authentic self. People tell me that I was really funny, and I don’t have to curse to be funny.”

Besides doing comedy standup performances, Fredericks as well as the other comedians on the tour, are also well-known for their comedy on social media.

Building a Digital Media Empire

Fredericks created three podcasts: The “Love Hour,” which he co-hosts with his wife; “Ask A,” where he has conversations with people who you don’t normally talk to like, gang members; and the “Righteous and Rachet” with co-host, comedian DoBoy where they discuss pop culture, their lives and dreams. Fredericks, who also created two movies, recently filmed his own travel show in Hawaii. He is shopping the idea to media providers but if no one picks it up he will show it on his YouTube or Facebook channels.

“I want to create a digital media empire like Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey have for TV and movies,” Fredericks said. “I want to help others produce their projects. Build up a community of creators.”

Anita Baker is a Fan

Even R&B legend Anita Baker is a fan. Fredericks learned this when he and his wife went to the singer’s concert in Las Vegas, where she recently had a residency.

“She called me out and said she was glad that I started my own tour,” Fredericks said. “She follows me on Twitter. She said she loved the video of me and my wife visiting Italy.”