Corinne Bailey Rae remembers 9/11, husband

Corinne Bailey Rae, who was married just two days before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, then lost her husband to a drug overdose seven years later, said she empathizes with the families of 9/11.
“I think that it’s very sobering being here today and I have a lot of empathy with people who lost family and lost partners in that tragedy,” Rae told the AP Sunday from the front row of a New York Fashion Week show for Edun.

Jason Rae, 31, was found dead in March 2008 at his home in England.  The coroner determined he overdosed on methadone and alcohol.
The two met in a jazz club.  Rae played the saxophone and performed with his jazz band, the Haggis Horns – who had worked as a backing act for Amy Winehouse, according to the Daily Mail, a London-based newspaper.
Rae said she’s moved on since her husband’s death and hopes for the same peace of mind for those affected by 9/11.
“I hope that the way in which they lost people hasn’t stopped them from processing what’s happened and moving forward and having new things develop in their lives,” she said.