Obama Biscuits



Get a cookie with President Barack Obama’s image on the bag: the “Obama Biscuit.” 
The United Biscuit Ltd., the Ghana – based maker of the cookie, generates 2.8 million biscuits a day during peak production, which accounts for about 60% of the factory’s output. The round cookie stamped with the company’s logo comes in regular, ginger flavor and the latest, ChocObama. Its package bears an image of Obama, and can be found in small roadside shops across Ghana, Africa.

Many in Africa consider Obama, whose father was Kenyan, one of their own.  KenAfric Industries Ltd., one of the biggest confectionery makers in Kenya, sells Magic Obama Bubblegum (strawberry and orange flavored). In Zambia you can buy Obama-branded whiskey and brandy. And in several countries, including semi-autonomous Somaliland, you can eat at the Obama Restaurant or the Obama Cafe.