‘Training Day’ director to begin Tupac biopic

The life of rapper and actor Tupac Shakur will be on the big screen soon.  Antoine Fuqua, director of films such as Training Day and Brooklyn’s Finest, said that he will begin shooting the biopic in September.  Fuqua said that he will find an unknown actor to play the rapper that was killed in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting in 1996.
“That’s the goal, I want to discover someone new,” Fuqua told DigitalSpy.com. “I want to discover a lot of new people if I can. Obviously I’m going to have to put some people in it that you know, just because actors have different skills. I want to go to the streets and find him anywhere he might be in the world.”

One thought on “‘Training Day’ director to begin Tupac biopic

  1. I am very excited about this one. The “Biggie” movie was great. I know that Fuqua will be able to pull this one off. He is a great director. Tupac was an interesting person and I am curious to see the direction Fuqua will take to portray what we knew and did not know about the great rapper.

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