Tyra Banks to write ‘Modelland’ novels

Tyra Banks will add author to her growing list of job titles.  She is writing three novels in the “Modelland” series about the world of modeling, reports the New York Daily News.
“It’s a work of fiction that honors my love of books and fantasy, and also lets me poke fun at things I’ve seen in the real world,” Banks says of the tomes, which are about a fantasyland where characters called Intoxibellas rule and have superpowers and “edgy, sexy, exciting adventures.”
“So, yes, many of the characters will be inspired by some of the models I’ve known – both nice and ‘ice,'” she added.  “And many of the people I’ve met along the way, from the fashion world, my TV shows, even people I’ve met in restaurants and on the street.”

One thought on “Tyra Banks to write ‘Modelland’ novels

  1. Tyra is doing her thing. AGAIN. She has taken her career to the next level. She is like Oprah to me: you never know what she is going to have her hand in next. Good luck Tyra.

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