Michelle Obama discusses Chicago, White House and Beyonce


First Lady Michelle Obama recently  talked to local elementary students at the White House during Take Our Daughters to Work Day.  She answered questions from the children about being First Lady, Chicago and her favorite music.

Do you miss Chicago?
We can’t just walk down the street by ourselves. I miss being able to walkout of my house, go down to the lake and ride my bike.
Is it hard to spend time together?
It’s easier now than it was before. We live upstairs and my husband’s office is here. It’s very easy to come downstairs. We’re home when the children arrive. We have dinner together. We have weekends together.
What is your favorite music?
Here’s what’s on my Ipod. I like all kinds of music, Stevie Wonder, Rihanna, Beyonce, I really like Beyonce. I have some new Usher on there too. I like Sting. I also have jazz on there.
How often do you use the movie theatre?
Almost every weekend, we get all kinds of movies, new movies, old movies. We can also watch TV and we had a big Super Bowl party here. We also use the Tennis Court the most because everyone is taking tennis lessons. But when it gets hot we’ll be using the pool.
Is there anything in the White House you didn’t have in Chicago?
Practically everything. We didn’t have any of this stuff. We had each other. We had love.
What’s your favorite part of being First Lady?
My favorite thing is even small gestures can impact people’s lives. I can use this platform for major issues. It’s hard work and sacrifice but an exciting opportunity to shine the light on things.