Jaheim charged with marijuana possession

R&B singer Jaheim was charged with marijuana possession after being pulled over for speeding in his hometown of Hillsborough, New Jersey, reports The Messenger-Gazette newspaper.  Here’s the excerpt:
Jaheim Hoagland, 32, of Hillsborough was pulled over near Royce Brook Golf Course on March 28 for allegedly traveling 65 mph in a 35 mph zone and was then charged with possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle. Hillsborough Police reported that they could smell a strong odor of raw marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Hoagland gave police consent to search his vehicle after yelling at authorities, police said. During the search, Hillsborough Police allegedly noticed a small bud of marijuana underneath the driver’s seat. Police said they also observed several cigar wrappers, cigar shaving and cigar paper, which is consistent with marijuana use. Hoagland was also charged with speeding.

One thought on “Jaheim charged with marijuana possession

  1. I knew his lips were dark for a reason. LOL. I hate to hear that though. I really like Jaheim and his music and it is unfortunate that another artist breaking the law. I hope this doesn’t decrease his record sales.

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