Erykah Badu charged over ‘Window Seat’ video

Erykah Badu was charged with disorderly conduct for filming her “Window Seat” video, where she removes her clothing while walking in downtown Dallas.  She eventually is nude in front of Dealey Plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  The charge is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500.  Check an earlier Suite 411 post of the video here.
Badu appeared on The Wanda Sykes Show this weekend and discussed the video.  Check out Sykes hilarious parody named “Middle Seat” around the 3:36 mark.

One thought on “Erykah Badu charged over ‘Window Seat’ video

  1. This was a great interview and yes Wanda is a fool. Dang, charged with a misdemeanor. Atleast she not following in the footsteps of these rappers, possession of firearm by convicted felon, perjury, etc. LOL. I can deal with disorderly. I missed the J.K.K. reference. I guess I dont know much about Dallas but I see others knew exactly where she was. I also hate that she is not making any money off albums sells. Not that this really surprises me with how the bootleg and limewire type stuff going on. I wish her the best on her tour and I pray she comes close to a city near me.

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