Ciara is new face of Adidas Originals

Ciara stroke a pose in London for the new Adidas Originals campaign. ¬†She will be featured in print, television and online ads. She is wearing the brand’s Dance Sweater, which is made from French terry cloth and features an oversized Trefoil print.

One thought on “Ciara is new face of Adidas Originals

  1. Ok Ciara with those Tina Turner legs. Loving the look and even the shirt/dress. Hating the hair. What is going on in the industry. Her weave looks like….WELL…. Weave, or a bad wig. I have noticed this trend on several other celebrities. Anywho, I am glad that she is branching out. I haven’t seen her in a minute and it good to know she is still around.

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