Video: Beyonce helps recovering addicts

Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles appeared Tuesday on Good Morning America to discuss opening the Beyonce Cosmetology Center for recovering addicts. ¬†Viewers get to see Beyonce’s wedding ring and her reaction when her mother says she is praying for grandchildren.

One thought on “Video: Beyonce helps recovering addicts

  1. This is a great peace. I am glad that Beyonce is giving back to the community as many celebs do. Okay, was it just me or was she a little dramatic about forgetting to take off her ring. Come on now, the WORLD knows she is married so what was all that for. She brought more attention to it than need be. And little ol Tina started off as a beautician. That figures with the weave/wig line. Again, this sounds like a great program and I know that community is very grateful.

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