Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige to perform at BET’s Haiti Telethon

Celebrities are lining up to lend their support to “S.O.S. Saving OurSelves: Help for Haiti,” which is a three-hour fundraising concert to benefit Haiti relief organizations such as Yele Haiti, CARE, and Project Medishare.  Mary J. Blige, Pharrell, Ludacris and Robin Thicke, Chris Brown and Ciara are some of the artists that will perform and appear at the event.
Queen Latifah and Diddy will co-host the telethon from Miami and will air Friday, Feb 5 at 7 p.m. central time on BET, Centric, MTV and VH1.

One thought on “Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige to perform at BET’s Haiti Telethon

  1. I want to pose a simple question: Why is BET always late. I mean, it’s not just with this telethon but everything with BET. And we can’t say it’s CPT because, if I am correct, BET is now white owned. Anyway, I applaud their efforts and I do look forward to watching the telethon with more artist I can relate to on it (because I watched the other one and only a few “good” acts were sprinkled in for me). Anyway, I hope it is a success because it surely is SOS (saving ourselves) because, no different than Katrina, we have to step up and help our own kind.

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