‘Precious’ Gabourey Sidibe is a V magazine cover girl


In the “Size Issue” of V magazine, the publication is celebrating women of all sizes.  “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe, 26 and Dakota Fanning, 15, are on the two covers hitting newsstands Jan. 14.  In her V interview, Sidibe credits comedian and “Precious” co-star Mo’Nique for inspiring her as a plus-size actress.  

“Growing up there weren’t a lot of actresses and singers that looked like me,” says the New York born-and-bred actress. “There were no real times that I thought maybe I can do it, until Mo’Nique came along. She’s a plus-sized woman who didn’t care about one day being skinny. All my life I’ve been hearing that I’ll never amount to anything until I am skinny. She disproved everything that everyone has ever told me.” 

Sidibe is currently working on her second film, “Yelling to the Sky,” alongside Zoe Kravitz.

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