Teddy Riley accused of attacking daughters


Teddy Riley, producer and member of R&B groups Guy and Blackstreet is accused of beating his daughters with a Rock Band video game guitar, reports TMZ.com.  His 18-year-old daughter Taja Riley was granted a temporary restraining order that requires him to stay 100 yards away from her.  She also claims that she suffered several injuries when the 43-year-old musical artist began “stomping, punching and bashing them in his L.A.home on December 23.”


One thought on “Teddy Riley accused of attacking daughters

  1. Okay, this picture reminds me of the “fake” one’s put out of Rhianna(probably mispelled but yall know who I am talking about), after the incident with her and Chris Brown. I hope this isn’t true because, all I can think of is drugs would have had to be involved for him to beat his daughter up like that. Anyway, besides the bruises, the next thing that popped out to me in this picture are her earrings (sorry. :-|). Is that a clothing tag hanging from her ear or what????

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