Fantasia to premiere her new V1 reality show

fantasiaThe third season American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino is getting her own reality show. ¬†“Fantasia for Real” premieres Jan. 11 on VH1 and will follow the life of the 25-year-old singer and single mother. ¬†Barrino’s eight-year-old daughter Zion as well as her famous first cousins K-Ci and JoJo of Jodeci will also be featured in the show.

“It’s just the truth,” Barrino told the New York Daily News. “Celebrities can be untouchable sometimes, but I’ve always given my story straight because I’m proud of myself and I’m proud that I can talk about what I’ve been through. People can relate to me. There are things going on with Fantasia that are probably going on with another family right around the corner.” </p>

3 thoughts on “Fantasia to premiere her new V1 reality show

  1. Okay, I am very happy for Fantasia but don’t we have enough of the reality shows following the lives of someone sort of rough around the edges. I watched her made for TV movie and I really didn’t think I saw much that now warrants us knowing her everyday moves.

  2. Well as for as for me I love Fantasia and to see her in action will be great! Teh differnce is that this includes her whole family and these are people that live with her and she takes care of. We can’t IMAGINE dishing out money to people who you love!

  3. Okay, how many stars take care of their families. We can watch Eddie Griffins reality show to see this. Again, been there, done that. And this doesn’t even extend to stars. People all over the world, who happend to be doing better than most of their family, help unworthy, lazy, in need or other types of family who they love. Again, I am tired of all these reality shows.

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