Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss

There was a lot of butt and crotch grabbing going on while Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx shared a very intimate kiss during Spike TV’s “Guy Choice Awards,” which will air late June.  Foxx presented Berry with the “Decade of Hotness” award.

3 thoughts on “Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss

  1. Much ado about nothing — given the award show AND the title of Halle’s award. Remember people– these folks are ACTORS.

  2. My My My!!! These are two of my favorites, but quite frankly I’m embarrassed for both of them…because classy people should act trashy! And this is gutter-bottom behavior for both of them. They both need a good whoopin!

  3. It just doesn’t look too sexy, maybe because of Jamie’s ultra dry lips! Lol!

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