Spielberg to make MLK movie

Steven Spielberg will co-produce a Dreamworks movie about slain civil rights leader, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., reports National Public Radio.  The studio is touting the project as the first big screen movie authorized by King’s estate to use his intellectual property.

Dexter King, the civil rights leader’s son and chairman and chief executive officer of King Inc., signed off on the deal.  His siblings, sister, Bernice and brother, Martin III, are suing because they had no input on the decision.

One thought on “Spielberg to make MLK movie

  1. While I am happy to hear that Dr. King’s life will finally come to the big screen and that there has been approval from at least one of his children, I am also saddened that 2 of remaining children are suing the production because they were left out. It’s really sad enough that after these children die, Dr. King’s lineage will die too because none of them have any children, but it’s kind of sad, that while they only have each other now…they’re divided. Lord help ’em!

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