Isaiah Washington to star in Lou Rawls biopic

Actor Isaiah Washington is set to star in “Through the Eyes of a Son,” a biopic about singer Lou Rawls written by his son Lou Rawls, Jr.  The movie will detail the Chicago native’s poor childhood and turbulent marriage.  Rawls died in 2006.

“It’s the untold side of a glamorous life,” said Adel Nur, Washington’s manager told the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s like ‘Ray’; we knew about the beautiful music, but we didn’t know about the turmoil and chaos in (Ray Charles’) life.”

One thought on “Isaiah Washington to star in Lou Rawls biopic

  1. I love Isaiah Washington. He is a great actor as long as he is not running his mouth about the gay community and pissing everyone off. I am interested in seeing this movie because it is always interesting to see the other side of celebrity life.

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