Beyonce Performs at the Oscars

Check out Beyonce in a musical performance at this year’s Academy Awards.

3 thoughts on “Beyonce Performs at the Oscars

  1. Okay, I am not trying to hate, but is her 15 minutes up yet. I mean, Beyonce is a great entertainer but can we give it a rest. She is in movies (and she is not that great an actress) , she is singing on this or that and there is other talent out there for us to see.

  2. Word is Beyonce looks a little fuller in this clip. That may be so, but
    I’ll give up atleast my pinky toe to look as fab! Also, it’s rumored she had a
    wardrobe malfunction during this performance due to the added weight.
    Well, someone must have used a telescope to capture it, because I sure didn’t
    see it.

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