50 Cent loses 54 pounds for movie role

5o Cent takes his movie roles very seriously.  The buff rapper dropped from 214 pounds to 160 pounds to play a cancer stricken football player in the upcoming movie, “Things Fall Apart.”
He lost the weight in nine weeks by following a liquid diet and walking daily for three hours on a treadmill, reports Thisis50.com.
“I was starving,” said the 34-year-old rapper who launches his tour in Cleveland this Friday. “I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time!”
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50 Cent Starts Film Production Company

50 Cent revealed his new production company at the Sundance Film Festival, an independent film festival, reports Reuters.  Cheetah Vision’s first film, “The Dance,” will star the rapper and actor Nicholas Cage.

This year will also mark his directorial debut.  In March, 50 cent will give away his movie, “Before I Self Destruct,” with his new album of the same name.  The film is about a young man who turns to crime to support his younger brother after his mother is shot to death.

“It’s an opportunity to make sure my fans get to see my first piece,” he said of the film, which he also wrote and produced. “It actually allowed me to show cause and effect to some of the actions that I wrote about on the album.”

The rapper can be seen in the movie, “Streets of Blood,” later this year with Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone.  He will also began filming the movie, “13” with Mickey Rourke.

Lil Wayne Falls, 50 Cent’s Show Cancelled

Lil Wayne slips and falls on stage at a recent concert.

50 Cent: The Money and the Power, a reality show similar to Donald Trump’s Apprentice has been cancelled by MTV due to allegedly poor ratings after only six episodes.