Mo’Nique and Taraji P. Henson share their Oscar experiences

Taraji P. Henson visited The Mo’Nique Show recently and the two shared their experiences of being nominated for an Academy Award. Mo’Nique recently won a Oscar for her best supporting actress role in the film, Precious. Henson, who was nominated for best supporting actress in the 2008 movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, gave an impromptu acceptance speech using the comedian’s Oscar saying: “So this is how it feels.”
Henson congratulated Mo’Nique on her accomplishments. “There were things that you did in that movie that actors who make more money than you and I put together can’t even do,” Henson told Mo’Nique.
Mo’Nique said she was full of emotion for what the two performers accomplished.  “For all those little chocolate girls that didn’t think it was possible,” Mo’Nique said, “they are looking at two women who were nominated for that award.”