What’s The Tee?

Hello to all my readers!!! Welcome to The Suite 411 and yet another edition of What’s the Tee!! I am your ever -so -classy gossip guru “queen”, Christian Valentino and I am here to dish the dirt!! So enough with the formalities lets just jump straight into it….

Did you guys hear the latest about Drew Peterson, the man allegedly suspected of murdering his missing wife? The Associated Press reports that HBO is offering him a job as the head of security on their brothel series “Cathouse”? Talk about entrapment! That’s like putting a stone cold alcoholic as a cashier in a liquor store.  Well, if all else fails and Drew decides to marry one of the girls at the brothel, we at last will be able to truly find out if you can really make a whore into a house wife. If she turns up dead and/or missing, the answer simply is no.

OMG! OMG! OMG! I know you heard the latest travesty.  They have kicked Lil’ Kim off “Dancing with the Stars